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Power & Energy Infrastructure

The Power & Energy Infrastructure Projects Unit was started by assembling experienced staff with previous experience on Eskom, Rail OHTE, Municipal Distribution and Rural Distribution sectors. Amongst others, the completion of the electrification of the Sishen – Saldanha iron orerailway line and subsequently: 11kV feeder system for signalling, civil works on 400kV OHL and dual 33kV distribution lines in Mozambique count as some of the team’s successes. The team’s success is based on the proper understanding of the client’s needs, proper liaison and the upkeep of good relations with both the client, environmental organisations and the communities in whose areas the work is performed.

Civil Construciton
  • Bulk earthworks for site preparation
  • Excavation & Installation of foundations
  • Pile type foundations
  • Substation and Miscellaneous buildings
  • Transformer and HV Equipment plinths
  • Trenching for underground cables ways.
  • Access Roads
  • Tower footing excavation/drilling & rebar installation
  • Stub and Centre Pin settings
  • Concrete, Backfill, Grouting & Finishing
  • Drilling/Manual Excavation of pole holes
  • Suspension, H-Frame  Straining structures
  • Line hardware installation
  • Stringing and tensioning of LV & MV Cable & Conductor
  • Installation of distribution transformers and auto-reclosers
Alternative Energy
  • Solar Farms (PV), Wind Farms, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Parabolic Trough Technology
  • Site preparation & Bulk Earthworks
  • Access & Internal Roads
  • Foundations, bases and supports
  • Storm water Management.
  • Cable trenches & ducts
  • Control Buildings
  • Associated substation civil works & buildings
  • Installation of DCB's, Invertors, Transformers & RMUs.
  • Installation termihation testing of MV cables, DC cables, LV Cables. 
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