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With over 5 years of combined experience, Raubex Infra, has the capabilities to ensure that your Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) project is completed. Since 2012 Raubex Infra has provided Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) solutions to numerous clients throughout Africa.

At Raubex Infra, we approach each project with steadfast professionalism. We take pride in the experience of our personnel, quality of our equipment, and our commitment to deliver the highest quality of project. Raubex Infra has the capabilities to complete projects up to 700 mm in diameter and lengths of up to 300 metres.

Whether your projects are large, small, require a shore approach, or are through hard rock, Raubex Infra approaches each with the same level of service, professionalism and commitment. We are dedicated to delivering projects that are focused on safety and the success of our employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, as well as the environment.


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a steerable, trenchless method that is utilised to install underground pipes, conduits and cables along a designed bore path beneath various types of obstacles. HDD minimises restoration and allows infrastructure to be installed in areas inaccessible by traditional open-cut methods. HDD is completed by three major steps:


After the site has been prepared and all surveying and final design completed, the pilot hole is commenced. The pilot hole is drilled on a pre-determined path, from the designed bore entry to the bore exit.


After the pilot hole is completed, the bore hole needs to be enlarged to the diameter required for the specific product pipe. This is a successive process that can involve multiple ream passes with each pass opening the bore hole to a larger diameter.


After the reaming phase is complete and the bore hole is deemed prepared, the product pipe is pulled in. This process is typically done on a continuous basis, when the project allows, until the pipe is pulled into the hole. During the pullback phase, the pipe is supported on rollers and is assisted into the hole by heavy equipment.



Utilising survey data, Raubex Infra will produce a detailed route design and provide visibility to underground utilities and soils. The bore plan ensures that the product pipe is installed at the correct alignment, depth and avoids conflict with existing utilities. Clients are provided access to review proposed bore plans prior to drilling operations to ensure that all considerations for the project are met.


Raubex Infra provides specialised monitoring of the bore progress. Documentation of daily construction records ensures that your project is in compliance with pipe bend radius, project specifications and permits.


The pit-launched drill is the ideal solution for difficult hard rock, sewer, water, electrical, phone/CATV, and service and lateral line installations. The pit launched drill can be operated from a manhole or small launch pit.

The powerful unit is capable of completing bores up to 60 metres and installing pipes up to 400mm in diameter.

Its light weight, compact design makes it easy to transport from one site to another. The pit launched drill offers the power of percussion during drilling operations to complete bores in even the toughest soil conditions.

Compressed air is delivered through the reciprocating drill head. The percussive action of the drill head powers through obstructions and rocky soils, keeping bores on time and on target.


From small diameter cable or conduit, to large diameter gas mains, Raubex Infra offers a minimal impact installation method through static ploughing. Raubex Infra has the capabilities to install pipe up to 14 inches in diameter and unlimited lengths without obstructions.

Ultimate customer satisfaction and successful project completion are a top priority for Raubex Infra.

Our team of in-house design experts and engineers ensure that our equipment is engineered and fabricated to allow for accurate placement of piping through pipe ploughing without surpassing the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Pipe ploughing is an effective method for the installation of main line natural gas distribution main line replacement and extensions, as well as telecom cable and conduit


A system of directly installing pipes behind a shield machine by hydraulic jacking from a drive shaft, such that the pipes form a continuous string in the ground.

Usually personnel are required inside the pipe to perform the excavation or soil removal process. The excavation can be performed manually or mechanically.


Pipe ploughing is a trenchless method utilised for the installation of pipe or cable.

The pipe or cable is installed by pulling a plough blade through the ground, allowing us to reach depths of 7.5 feet of cover on the pipe as well as installing tracer wire and marking tape in synchronisation if required.


Box jacking is similar to pipe jacking, but instead of jacking tubes, a box shaped tunnel is used. Jacked boxes can be a much larger span than a pipe jack with the span of some box jacks in excess of 20m.

A cutting head is normally used at the front of the box being jacked and excavation is normally by excavator from within the box.


Impact moles can be used for a wide range of underground installations. We work with major contractors and companies directly to carry out their underground pipe, cable and ducting installations quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption.

We can take care of the whole underground cable installation process, from start to finish, including searches, plans, licence to bury cable underground, drilling, installation and reinstatement.

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