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Welcome to Raubex Infra

Raubex Infra is a division of the Raubex Group and offers multidisciplinary solutions in predominantly four different operational divisions namely: Rail and Rail Related Infrastructure, Roads and Earthworks for Mining Infrastructure, Fibre as well as GSM Telecommunication, Electrical and Alternative Energy Infrastructure. The backbone of these divisions is our specialised capabilities in Civil construction and Earthworks.

Our core focus is on building personal relationships with strategic partners in executing turn-key projects. We are not focused on run-of-the-mill-projects and are known for our ability to constantly shift the boundaries on niche projects with high time constraints, difficult terrain or projects that are technically complex.


Raubex Infra was established in June 2012. The establishment came about through the culmination of the expertise, excellent business acumen and knowledge of the industry of a number of role players within Raubex Construction, namely Louis Raubenheimer, and that of Dirk Lourens, the current Managing Director of Raubex Infra. On realizing the gap in the market, in the above-mentioned niche markets and not yet fully indulged by Raubex, a decision was made to establish such a company within the Raubex Group. With the assistance and encouragement of Louis Raubenheimer, Dirk Lourens then sat about inviting staff to join him in this venture. By the end of July 2012 Raubex Infra was a fully-fledged company with a full staff complement. The very abled and highly skilled staff has thus far set about their work to establish this new company in a lucrative but challenging industry. This company has brought with it a focussed and goal driven approach. With a predominantly young group of driven, high achievers, much is expected of the company to achieve excellence in the coming years.

Raubex Infra is ISO 14001 , ISO 9001 , OHSAS 18001 certified.



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